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About Me

Hi, I am Daniel (Danny) Dopler, I grew up in the High Desert of Southern California. As a kid I would barrow (steal) my family's cameras and take pictures. Capturing a moment, place or scene always excited me and still does. When I went to college I slowed down my photographic habits, that way there was no evidence of the tomfoolery that occurred. I bought a new camera at the beginning of 2011 and the addiction was rekindled. At first it was primarily landscapes or scenes while traveling, but as I became more comfortable with the camera I pushed myself to learn flash and portrait photography though practice and online videos.

I love capturing quality images of people; they are the moments to remember ourselves and loved ones. We always wait or put off portraits so that we can "lose that last 10 pounds," to try and "look" and/or "feel better," but life doesn't stop. It is my belief that by capturing moments through different stages of our lives we can use photographs and photography to help accept, come to terms with, and appreciate those changes, as we grow older. They can serve as reminders of our lives at those different points, allowing us to reflect on the ever changing world and our life's path. At the end of the day, our lives are unpredictable and I want everyone to exist in photographs for themselves and their loved ones to remember.

For more information send a message through the contact page or email me at: daniel@danieldoplerphotography.co

I look forward to working with you.


Daniel (Danny) Dopler