Modern Women's Portraiture

Modern Women's Portraiture

March 10, 2014

There are events in our lives that will affect us in significant ways and can affect our future choices or courses. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a Creative live course on “Modern Women’s Portraiture” in Las Vegas. Having watched Creative live courses avidly over the last two and half years I have a massed a rather large library of informative courses. This event featured three of the professionals (Sue Bryce, Lara Jade and Lou Freeman) I have followed rather closely over the last couple years and a new face (Emily Soto). I was amazed and excited when they offered me one of the hundred seats in what became the largest audience in creative live History.

As I walked up the studio the first day there was a line of people all equally excited to enter and be part of this amazing experience. For some, like me, this was their first event and there excitement to see their favorite instructors created an exciting and positive atmosphere to get our learn on. During the course of event there were very striking similarities between all these women and the links to there success. Sue Bryce’s passion for photographing women is empowering alone.

During her talks you see her trying to keep herself from crying at points because to her the pain and passion of why she is doing what she is doing is ever present. She has felt the pain of not having success, she dug in and found a way to forge forward in the opposition to her mentors advice, because she could feel it was what she wanted to do. Even is the highest highs and lowest lows, you can see that the reward of watching her clients see their images for the first time is truly breathtaking and it is a feeling that everyone should see and experience. The connection she receives from her clients in her images are a driving force of sales, but in the cameras reflection, it is her continuous struggle to do what she loves. You can see it in her eyes and feel it in her presence.

If you had no clue who Lara Jade was you might thing that she belongs on the other side of the camera. Her beauty is matched by her intellect and unwavering work ethic. Because of her age she is constantly working to prove people wrong, to prove that she is that she is not too young or inexperienced. Admitting that she began in photography as a creative release from being bullied in school, one can only imagine what she could have done had it not been for photography. At the age of 24 she has been a professional for 10 years and she more professional than most people I know. Her work seems is amazingly simple in compositions but she captures amazing beauty in stillness allowing the models expression and clothing to do the speaking. With her success Lara is still very humble, her teaching demeanor is one of a colleague and not one to tell you how to do something but let you experience it yourself.

Lou Freeman came into a male dominated genre and became the second female photographer for playboy. You don’t do that without knowing your craft and being better than just about everyone else at the time. She clawed her way to the top and she was not happy with one type of commercial work she got into as much as she could. Her images exude confidence, dominance and sexiness. Having to prove she belonged where she was you see that in the eyes of her models. Her mastery of light allows her to guide your eye through the image; highlighting areas she wanted you to see and withdrawing the others. Lou’s confidence and sexiness is seen in all of her images and it has been earned through the hard work and conviction she brings to every aspect of her professional life.

Though only being a professional for 2 years, Emily Soto, has become one of the most sot after fashion photographers in the industry. Her soft-spoken demeanor has a clear photographic vision that is both romantic and whimsical. Her work is unique not just because of her soft and dreamy images, but because of the use of film cameras. That is correct, Film! She loves the look of the old film cameras and even in her digital work she edits to bring the look of film into her images. When she speaks you often see her almost mimic the poses that she will have the models do almost unconsciously.

All of these ladies have found success in the face of those who said they never would. You see a piece of them in all of their images. An elegance of the everyday woman in Sue Bryce, the quiet stillness in Lara Jade, the fierce strength of women with Lou Freeman and the romantic dreaminess of Emily Soto. They are take amazing photographs, that is a given in their profession. The reason they are successful is because in every image they take, they reveal a little bit of themselves through their subjects.

The whole creativelive experience was pretty incredible. Being around so many people who think similarly and are in search for the same information has shown me that I am not alone in this journey. I hope to be involved in another creative live event soon as the experience was only positive. I am planning on Blogging more often so stay tuned as the next one will look at my take on Modern Women’s Portraiture.



Live broadcast of "Modern Women's Portraiture"

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