Mom's Portraits

Mom's Portraits 

March 17, 2014

For those of you who don’t know, two weeks ago I went to a Creative live course in Vegas on Modern Women’s Portraiture. Yes I know I have talked about it already but I what I didn’t talk about is what I did the days following the course.

Feeling the inspiration from the course I had decided that I was going to photograph my mom when I went to visit her after the course. It is always nice to have someone who is willing to play model for you after you learn a new skill. My mom was about to play my model! I have to say that she rocked it! I was so happy to be able to photograph her and get some amazing images of her. As it was sort of last minute I didn’t have time to get a nice set up ready but just having her do her make up and put on some nicer clothes you can see the spark and fun in her eyes.

I found a corner in the back of the house that allowed plenty of natural light to come in and I used poster boards to bounce and help shape it. Technically there are a few thinks I need to work on, but see her eyes when I would show her an image that came out amazing was priceless. I still have a couple more to process through but I think this is a good a start.  

She was the first of hopefully many more opportunities to photograph many more beauty women. I love my mom and I want to tell her thank you so much for dressing up, being your beautiful self and allowing me to take your picture.



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