Road Trip to Vegas

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Road Trip to Vegas

December 22, 2014

I do a lot of traveling. Last weekend I was on the road to Vegas to watch my mom say, “I do” for the second time before the king himself, Elvis Presley. For as long as I can remember I have been traveling and i have been treating the journey to and from destinations as a race. I spend hours driving, only stopping when I am forced to (gas food and bathroom) then quickly getting back on the road to get to where I am going as quick as possible.

This trip would be different, with Christmas coming work is slowing down so I was trying to just leave early and get on the road as soon as possible. In this case leaving about five minutes after coming in, checking my email and seeing if anything was pressing before the following week. That idea immediately failed as I was "randomly" selected for urinalysis. I had even gone to the bathroom right before I went in to make sure I could get on the road quickly. Instead I spent a couple hours drinking bottles of water, six 16oz bottles to be exact! I gave my sample did one last office check and then hit the road.

As you can imagine my sample broke the seal on the damn of water I just forces on myself. I had to stop for the restroom 3 times before I left San Diego county. Three more times between there and Barstow. At this point I had stopped trying to get there quickly and just wanted to get there safely, there were storms hitting the area and between San Diego and the San Bernardino mountains there was heavy rain. With the drivers in California freak out over a few drops this heavy rain made conditions worse. But as I hit the desert I ended up between the two storm cells. As I looked around I saw that there were little pockets of light, they would highlight a distance hill while the surrounding area was in shadow. It looked awesome! The clouds added to the drama of an otherwise boring background.

After stopping in Barstow I somehow found myself on the 40 instead of the 15 and used country roads between the two to get back on track. As I pulled off there were no cars on the road but a pretty cool scene in front of me. I pulled over and started snapping some shots with my Fuji. As I got back in and looked at the shots I realized I needed to take advantage of this trip, and the awesome light that resulted from storm clouds. Over the next four and a half hours, I was a crazy tourist pulling over on the freeway to both relieve myself and then take some quick shots.

The Sun was setting as I came up to the Stateliness so I pulled over at the exit and darted around Prim trying to get shots and capture all the colors. It was a get sunset and I was stoked to be able to capture it.

When I finally arrived at my hotel I loaded a few onto the iPad and began editing, I was stoked with the results. All of these shots were shot on my Fuji x100s and then edited on Google’s snapseed app on my iPad. This App is great form landscapes!

I have images from the wedding that will be coming soon, until then.