The Genius of Creative Live

The Genius of Creative Live

February 24, 2014

I am excited to leave for Las Vegas to attend my first Creative live event. I have been hooked on Creative live videos for the last two and a half years and have been use them to learn multiple subjects. My primary use for the courses has been to learn about photography and the business of photography from some of the top professionals in the world. The platform is pretty in genius and is the product of its creators Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson. Stream multiday workshops live for free around the world, you can tune in live for free or you buy the course and have anytime access within your own digital library.  

Needless to say I have a lot of courses, maybe more than anyone with the exception of the company itself. Having enjoyed the contents for the last two years due to my lack of cable TV, I am excited to meet some of the people who make these broadcasts happen almost daily. What makes it unique is that it provides access to anybody with an Internet connection to working professionals many of them are at the top of their game. Many times we can learn from reading a lesson, or listening to a podcast, or watching a video, but these still provide a barrier to the learning process. Creative live has an online chat so that questions can be asked and answered by the guests in real time. The catch phrase of “there are no dumb questions but the one you didn’t ask,” truly applies in this format. With so many people from around the world watching the same material, many times the same questions arise and through answering them live multiple people benefit in circumstance in which they didn’t previously have the means to access do to time distance or money. So now that I have talked this up. My first classes included, Michael Thompson from; Children and family Photographer, Tamara Lackey; Fashion Photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith; Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star; Commercial Photographer Zack Arias; Boudoir Photographer, Christa Meola; Fashion and Portrait Photographer, Lindsay Adler; and Women’s Glamour Photographer, Sue Bryce. These courses packed so much information into them and these are all very successful photographers. If I was going to learn a trade I want to learn from industry leaders, not the guy who is almost there, or never quit made it so now they teach. Creative live provides that access that is otherwise out the reach of most people. If you don't believe me check it out for yourself at

So now that you know my history and addiction to creative live you can see why I am excited to actually be involved in one. I can’t wait until the weekend to get this show on the road.



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